dabs rochester ny
dabs rochester ny
rosin diamonds
Solventless rosin diamond badder made by recombining the THCA crystals and terpene sauce that forms from pressing freshly-made bubble hash.
Total Cannabinoids: 75-90%
sugar wax
Cannabis concentrates made by extractioneers in Maine and Oregon with varying colors and consistencies, each loaded with terpene-rich, crystalline gold.
Total Cannabinoids: 60-90%
thc diamonds
Spot-mixed caviar diamonds by Rochester’s own INK Extracts — blended in-house and with love by PHALT’s finest.
Total Cannabinoids: 92-94%
ice water hash rosin
Premium Ice Water Hash Rosin sourced by Royalty Resins, available currently as Honey Bananas and Strawberry Soldier Burger.
Total Cannabinoids: 78-84%
curated live resin
A prepackaged gram (1g) of COA-certified, lab-tested and premium-grade Curated Live Resin sauce by STIIIZY.
Total THC: 83.22–84.47%
royalty resins
Royalty Resins take premium dabs to new heights with their latest round of live resin badders. An enticing aroma, exquisite taste and smooth hit amalgamate to form an exceptional, locally-produced concentrate.
Total Cannabinoids: 86-92%
royalty rosin
One individual, pre-packaged two-gram (2g) jar of premium Flower Hash Rosin by Buffalo locals and industry powerhouse Royalty Resins.
Total Cannabinoids: 78-84%
scoops cannabis co
These spot-mixed caviar diamonds by Scoops Cannabis Co. are exotic-grade, COA-certified cannabis concentrates produced by some of our very own friends of the PHALT family in Cornville, Maine.
Total Cannabinoids: 97.24%

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes the possession of cannabis for individuals who are at least 21 years of age. Both the possession of cannabis by a minor and driving while impaired by the use of cannabis products are still illegal. Please have valid government-issued identification, such as a NYS driver license or ID card, at the time of delivery.
And remember, always use your gifts responsibly.