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FAQFrequently Asked Questions
Where do you deliver?

Our delivery option is currently available to ALL residents of Monroe County, as well as select residents of Ontario County (Victor, Farmington) and Wayne County (Ontario, Walworth). We will soon be adding Macedon, and hope to someday include Williamson, Marion and Palmyra to the list of towns with access to our delivery option.

The Local Pickup option is also available to anyone, anywhere and at any time (during regular business hours, of course).

For those of you who simply aren’t yet able to use our services: please, be patient. We are working tirelessly to bring PHALT to the entire state of New York.

What is the AgeChecker.Net ID verification process, and is it required?

AgeChecker.Net is an online age verification tool we implement to avoid legal penalty, spot fraudulent orders and to ensure the safety of our gift shoppers. It is entirely safe and your cooperation makes the ordering process go much more smoothly. No current or former employee of findPHALT can, at any point past, present or future, access any of the information you enter, photos you upload, or anything else entered into the AgeChecker.Net popup.

Upon placing your first order and triggering the verification process, you will be asked to enter the information that is on your identification documents. Assuming you enter these details correctly, you should be verified instantly, and nothing further will be required from you. According to AgeChecker.Net, with the breadth of data that they have access to, 90% of individuals are able to pass instant verification.

If the information you enter does not match what is on your identification document perfectly, or if you are apart of that 10%, you will be prompted to upload a photo of your identification document in order to complete the verification process. Please, do so.

Upon passing ID verification the first time, you will not be prompted to complete it again for one full calendar year from the date of verification.

Should you decide to opt out of the ID verification process, you will be asked to send photos of your identification document (front and back) to a support agent for pre-screening before having your order delivered. Failing to do so will result in your order being cancelled.

“AgeChecker.Net is an age verification technology used by online stores that sell age-restricted products such as electronic cigarettes, tobacco, alcohol, etc. Age verification is required by many federal and state laws. Our job is to provide websites with legally accepted records showing that their sales have been age verified. We do so in a way that is as unobtrusive to you, the customer, as possible.”

See their FAQ here.

When is The PHALT Store opening and why has it been delayed so many times?

The PHALT Store is coming sometime this year! Currently, we are looking at a timeline of February or March. However, given the way things have gone up until this point — we aren’t currently committing to an opening date.

The reason for it being delayed is simply a lack of experience. We were severely unprepared for the many complications typical of a full build-out like the one in which we have undertaken at The PHALT Store. It will be every bit as grand and spectacular as our delivery service is. Unfortunately, it won’t be happening quickly, but nothing spectacular does!

What is the Loyalty Rewards program?

The Loyalty Rewards program is a fun way for us to say thank you!

Some notes:

  • You may earn points in a multitude of ways, including:
    1. “Spending money”: 5 Loyalty Reward Points for every $1 you “spend”.
    2. You will earn 10,000 Loyalty Rewards Points for every 5th order you place with PHALT.
    3. You may earn 1,000 Loyalty Rewards Points for leaving a product review (limit of 3x per day).
    4. Ranking up as a member of the PHALT Family:
      • 10,000 Loyalty Rewards Points for earning the “Newborn” rank. You will also be assigned the Bronze badge.
      • 20,000 Loyalty Rewards Points for earning the “Family Friend” rank. You will also be assigned the Silver badge.
      • 30,000 Loyalty Rewards Points for earning the “Golden Child” rank. You will also be assigned the Gold badge.
      • 40,000 Loyalty Rewards Points for earning the “Head-of-Household” rank. You will also be assigned the Platinum badge.
      • 50,000 Loyalty Rewards Points for earning the “Elder” rank. You will also be assigned the Diamond badge.
  • If you somehow lose one of your coupon codes or loyalty rewards, simply send an email to and our administrator will send you the code directly!
  • Products are deleted frequently, please be sure to leave reviews as quickly after receiving your delivery as is convenient.
How do I place an order?

You can browse our menu, add items to your cart and check out — all from you comfort of your home, and completely free of charge! Simply place your order through the Gift Shop and refer to the automated SMS alerts for information regarding delivery or pick up instructions. Tips will be accepted in cash upon delivery only. And remember, support is always available via text, phone or email to ensure a smooth delivery.

Order by 9 pm to have your order delivered same-day.

Doing some late night gift-shopping? No worries! Order anytime and schedule your delivery for the following day.

Prefer to pick it up yourself? We can do that, as well! Simply choose the “Pickup” option when checking out and select the time at which you would like to meet us. Pickup orders will be delivered to you at a pickup location that may change dependent upon the day that you order.

How do I pay?

You don’t! We merely offer free cannabis gifts available for delivery directly to your front door. Whether you decide to tip your driver or donate to the organization is entirely up to you. To assist in this process, we offer a “Suggested Tip” that you are free to use when estimating a tip for your driver. Again, you are not obligated to abide by these numbers, they are merely meant to help guide you in your gift shopping experience!

If you do decide to leave a tip or make a donation, you may do so using cash upon delivery ONLY.

Browse Our Menu

Browse Our Menu

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes the possession of cannabis for individuals who are at least 21 years of age. Both the possession of cannabis by a minor and driving while impaired by the use of cannabis products are still illegal. Please have valid government-issued identification, such as a NYS driver license or ID card, at the time of delivery.
And remember, always use your gifts responsibly.