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The perfect gift for anyone, and for everyone.

We specialize in finding the right gift for you. Each brand has been carefully curated by our specialists to provide you with the best selection possible. Grown domestically and tested by some of the top laboratories in the country, our cannabis selection can be customized for any need or palette.

By offering gifts with multiple methods of ingestion and of varying strengths, we are guaranteed to find one that is perfect for you.

Strength Index

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0123456789001234567890PRE-ROLLED SMOKEABLES
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Browse Our Menu

Browse Our Menu

GET TO KNOW USDelivery Options

Unrivaled service, guaranteed.

Our team is committed to making cannabis accessible to anyone, anywhere. Whether you prefer to come and pick it up yourself, or you’re stuck somewhere without transportation — we have you covered. Place your first order today and discover why our Best Buds and their friends rate our services so highly.

Our Services

Local Pickup
Ideal for those living outside of our service area.
Next Day Delivery
Order online anytime and let us take care of the rest.
Same Day Delivery
Why wait? Place your order by 8 pm to qualify for same day delivery.

FAQFrequently Asked Questions

What is PHALT's mission?

PHALT blossomed as naturally as the flower we grow. Six months into New York’s legalization of recreational cannabis and the herb is still as inaccessible as it was before it was legal!

No matter who you are, where you live or how large your bank account is, you deserve indiscriminate access to cannabis. We’re here to ensure that remains the case. By optimizing every function of our business, and with an unwavering focus on efficiency, we are able to keep costs low, fees nonexistent, and access broad.

Place an order today and discover how truly simple finding weed in Rochester, NY has become!

How do I place an order?

You can browse our menu, add items to your cart and check out — all from you comfort of your home, and completely free of charge! Simply place your order through the Gift Shop and refer to the automated SMS alerts for information regarding delivery or pick up instructions. Tips will be accepted in cash upon delivery only. And remember, support is always available via text, phone or email, if necessary, to ensure a smooth delivery.

Order by 9 pm to qualify for same day delivery.

Doing some late night gift-shopping? No worries! Order anytime and schedule your delivery for the following day.

Prefer to pick it up yourself? We can do that, as well! Simply choose the Pickup option when checking out and select the time at which you would like to come.

How do I pay?

You don’t! We merely offer free cannabis gifts available for delivery directly to your front door. Whether you decide to tip your driver or donate to the organization is entirely up to you. To assist in this process, we offer a “Suggested Tip” that you are free to use when estimating a tip for your driver. Again, you are not obligated to abide by these numbers, they are merely meant to help guide you in your gift-shopping experience!

If you do decide to leave a tip or make a donation, you may do so using cash upon delivery ONLY.

Where do you deliver?

Our delivery option is currently only available to residents of Monroe County, NY (and, as of 11/1: Victor, NY). However, the “Local Pickup” option is available to anyone, anywhere and at anytime during regular business hours.

For those who live outside of our service area and require delivery, all hope is not lost. Shoot us an email or give us a call during regular business hours — we may very well be able to work something out!

For those who simply aren’t yet able to use our services: please, be patient. We are working tirelessly to bring PHALT to the State of New York in its entirety.

What's different about PHALT?

PHALT, at its core, is about accessibility. We believe that everybody deserves indiscriminate access to cannabis.

Whatever your age, social status, financial standing, or, lack thereof — PHALT is for you.

Whether you prefer to pick it up yourself or you’d rather not leave the house, PHALT is for you.

Whether you want your gifts delivered immediately, or you don’t mind waiting, PHALT is for you.

We have a gift for everyone and our services allow anyone to access them with ease. Contact us via email or over the phone to find out exactly how we can meet your distinct needs!

What if I am unsure about what to order?

Contact us using this form to request a complimentary consultation from one of our specialists!

What is the proper dosage for edible forms of cannabis?

Dosing is highly individualized. Certain products will be too potent for some users, while others may find that they need something stronger.

For information regarding dosing and/or which product may be right for you, please do not hesitate reaching out to one of our specialists using the contact form above.

The Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act (MRTA) legalizes the possession of cannabis for individuals who are at least 21 years of age. Both the possession of cannabis by a minor and driving while impaired by the use of cannabis products are still illegal. Please have valid government-issued identification, such as a NYS driver license or ID card, at the time of delivery.
And remember, always use your gifts responsibly.