Director's Cut10 Daze Higher – Director’s Cut (150MG) – OLD

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A jar of cannabis-infused edible gummies by Directors Cut containing five gummies (5pc), each with 30MG THC and 10MG CBD at a ratio of 3:1 THC to CBD. Available in three flavors: Tropical (Sativa), Big Apple (Hybrid) and Berries (Indica).


Check another one off of your list of local favorites! Our latest collaboration with Directors Cut (@directorscut_inc) bring to you new edible gummies and five-packs of pre-rolled joints! We are, as always, dying of anticipation to deliver these new goodies to you all! Available as sativa-leaning Tropical, well-balanced Big Apple and indica-leaning Berries, one jar of 10 Daze Higher contains five (5) pieces, each with 30MG THC and 10MG CBD, totaling 150MG THC and 50MG CBD at a ratio of 3:1 THC to CBD. This may sound low in comparison to some of our other gifts, but don’t sleep on these — they’re the real deal!

“Nothing artificial, vegan friendly & naturally flavored. If you follow a vegan lifestyle, this product is one that you would be allowed to have. Every batch is 3rd Party lab tested to confirm the specific standards for safety, quality and performance. We add terpenes to our gummies to give you more of an effect when taking. Terpenes are what dictates the mind and body effects.” — DCINC


Disclaimer: These gummies may be unexpectedly high in THC for some users. Gift-shoppers are strongly encouraged to use them carefully — and in moderation. PHALT takes no responsibility for the misuse of this gift and/or the inevitable bad time you may have were you not to heed our directive. We suggest beginning with half of a gummy (1/2 piece) to gauge your tolerance.

1 review for 10 Daze Higher – Director’s Cut (150MG) – OLD

  • Shane Bly

    November 20, 2022 at 9:11 am

    5 out of 5

    For the price definitely can’t complain awesome hitter


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